Audition Expectations

WHAT YOU ARE EXPECTED TO DO in the audition process

The student will…

  • Read and comply with all HYS audition policies (i.e. age requirements, music you are required to play, etc.)
  • Complete application ON TIME and turn in to HYS office with all applicable fees included.
  • Prepare audition music. (It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain all required music from HYS, and know what music to play at your audition.)
  • Inform HYS of any changes to application data ASAP.
  • Check in 30 minutes prior to your assigned audition time.
  • Have your own music and all accessories when you check-in. Accessories include, as applicable: extra strings, reeds, donut, own mallets (for each percussion instrument), and tuner (percussionists may use a tuner for timpani but must bring their own).
  • Be ready-to-go at audition time.
  • Enjoy making music!