Special Cases

HYS makes arrangements to work around SAT testing and students who are off-island on their audition date. All audition recordings are subject to the following general rules: 

  • Audition recordings must be received, in the HYS Office, by [DATE – Call HYS for this year’s date]. If your audition recording has not been received by this date, HYS will consider your audition a forfeit.

  • YOU are responsible for following up and checking to make sure your audition recording was received by HYS. HYS will NOT follow-up if your audition recording is not received by the due date.

  • HYS will not be responsible for mail delays or lost mail. Please allow ample travel time for your audition recording to make it to Hawaii.

  •  Any evidence or suspicion of editing will lead to automatic disqualification. All disqualification decisions are made at the discretion of the Music Director, whose decision is FINAL.

  •  No refunds will be made for forfeited or disqualified auditions.
You will be off island on your audition date
If you do not live on Oahu, you may record yourself playing the audition music and submit the recording (CD ONLY). To be considered, the recording must be received by the HYS office by the Wednesday prior to the first audition weekend (call the HYS office for the exact date). No exceptions.  We advise you to call the office, 808-941-9706, to ensure that your recording was received. Recorded auditions are played during the live auditions.  

You will be traveling during your audition date
If you live on Oahu but will be traveling on your audition date, we will contact you to schedule a live taping of your audition the week of May 18. Proof of travel (copy of receipt or ticket showing student’s name and date of travel) should be sent with your application to be eligible. An additional $10 fee is required for this option. Recorded auditions are played during the live auditions. 

Please call or email the HYS office if you have further questions.