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ANA Honolulu Music Week

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ANA Honolulu Music Week

November 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Youth Symphony I students join musicians from the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra & UH Symphony Orchestra in the grand finale of Honolulu Music Week!


Starting this year there’s a new music festival in Honolulu : ANA Honolulu Music Week. Imagine, as you walk the streets of a tropical island, a light breeze carries a melody with it that sounds like classical music. Aiming to realize this image, the State of Hawaii, the City and County of Honolulu and ANA have come together to work on this culture project. With each passing year we plan to increase the scale of the festival, as well as the number of venues and live musicians.

In 2019, in commemoration of the first ever ANA Honolulu Music Week, a three-day pre-festival event will be held downtown at Blaisdell Concert Hall from Friday, November 15th to Sunday, November 17th. As it’ s in November, and on the cusp of Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations will be up and the streets will bustle with events and sales. Over the holiday season, Hawaii will hum with sightseers from all over the world.

Music has the power to bring us all together. The people who come here transcend country, culture, and language to become one, to have a Hawaiian experience like never before, and to make history. ANA Honolulu Music Week is here to stay.

Event Details

Date: November 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Venue: Blaisdell Concert Hall
Address: 777 Ward Avenue
Organizer Name: ANA Honolulu Music Week