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Hawaii Youth Symphony

New Year’s Message from President Randy Wong

Dear HYS Families & Friends –

Happy New Year!

We had a rousing close to 2019, with fully attended concerts by our Academy, Symphony, and Jazz program students. The entire year was a masterpiece that spanned genres, continents, cultures, and eras—truly a triumph to behold and hear!

I recently returned from the League of American Orchestras’ Midwinter Meeting, where I convened with dozens of executive directors from regional, professional, and youth orchestras.

Like us, our colleagues across the country are committed to the tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Orchestras in every community are broadening access to their music and supporting a message that symphonic music improves lives everywhere.

Two years ago, HYS announced its new strategic vision, “to make music a right, not a privilege,” and since, this mantra has become the driving force behind our work. Whether we are teaching beginners and introducing the simple joys of playing an instrument, or we are championing symphonic music with our middle and high school student, HYS is using music to create an inclusive culture through which students of all backgrounds can benefit and learn.

As we embark into 2020 and the next decade, I’m thrilled for all the opportunities ahead for our HYS students as they further their own paths through the amazing world of music. I am very grateful, and proud, of the diversity that they each bring to HYS. Thank you for your support of our young people and our vision!

Randy Wong, HYS President and alumnus