Hawaii Youth Symphony

HYS Alumna Receives Grammy Award Nomination

Congratulations to notable HYS alumna Kathryn Schulmeister on her recent Grammy award nomination! The Edge of Silence: Works for Voice by György Kurtág, the album for which she was nominated, was a partnership with fellow artists Susan Narucki (soprano), Donald Berman (piano), Curtis Macomber (violin), and Nicholas Tolle (cimbalom). We sat down with Kathryn to learn more about her experience working with her fellow musicians, her impetus for learning to play the double bass, and how she felt when she first learned of the prestigious nomination.

Q: What was your response when you first learned you’d been nominated for a Grammy award?
“I was thrilled when I first found out! And while I was surprised, I also had known that a Grammy award nomination was a possibility since both the leader of the project, vocalist Susan Narucki, as well as producer Judith Sherman have won Grammy awards in the past.”

Q: When and why did you first learn to play the double bass?
“I’ve been playing the bass for about 21 years now. I started when I was in third grade at Hanahauoli School by participating in their strings program. I think I was attracted to the idea that the bass was a unique and challenging instrument, and since then I’ve embarked on an incredible journey as I witness the limitless musical potential that this beautiful and versatile instrument truly has.”

Q: What was the most memorable part about working on The Edge of Silence: Works for Voice by György Kurtág?
“I was first brought into this project to perform this repertoire in a live performance at the University of California, San Diego. During this experience, I was blown away by the incredible composition of music, and having the opportunity to perform such a work with top quality musicians is truly moving. I also had never before listened to a recording of myself, so being able to be transported back to the memory of the live performance in such a beautiful way has truly been the most meaningful and memorable part of this experience.”

Photos courtesy Kathryn Schulmeister.