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Teachers’ Materials

To increase the educational value of our Hawaii Island concerts, we will prepare materials for you to work on with your students prior to the concert. 

  • The Concert Preparatory Packet consists of the music program, program notes with what to listen for during the concert, lyrics to the sing-alongs, and an example of the orchestra setup.
    Hilo 2017 L&L – Concert Prepatory Packet
  • The Student Resource materials consist of musical instrument information and student worksheets. This packet has worksheets that span different skill levels. Please duplicate the appropriate worksheets for your grade level. The instrument information should be distributed to each student as it contains basic information that all students should know.
    2017 L&L – Worksheets

We hope these materials will be useful to you and will improve the concert experience for your students. If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you at our Hawaii Island school concerts!

Also, please see our “Meet the HYS Performers” videos! Mahalo!