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Hawaii Life

Everyone dreams about spending the summer in Hawaii…

The Pacific Music Institute is your chance to do it! Our programs are located less than 2 miles to Waikiki Beach, the world’s most famous place to enjoy the ocean and sand. Hawaii is home to a wide array of foods from cultures around the world. Get yourself an amazing poke bowl, loco moco, or some shave ice. With summer time temperatures ranging between the low to mid-80s most days and sunny days throughout most of the summer, you’ll be sure to catch some rainbows and some beautiful views.

While the focus of PMI is music, we believe that a healthy balance of intensive study and recreation contributes to the overall well-being of the individual. Students visiting from outside Hawaii will live on campus at the University of Hawaii and have opportunities to learn about Hawaiian culture, its language, sightsee, hike, and more.
We’re here to support our students’ musical and personal growth every step of the way. Our PMI chaperones will be with students to look out for their safety and be sure they have an enjoyable experience.