Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Program
The Financial Aid Program was established over twenty years ago to offer all of HYS’s young musicians an equal opportunity to participate in every aspect of the HYS program regardless of financial conditions. With state, corporate, and private donations, all HYS students receive “financial aid” of sorts. Registration fees are only a fraction of the cost of running HYS programs, which currently averages more than $1,500 per student.  However, HYS realizes there are families who still may find it difficult to cover the non-subsidized portion of the fee.  The Financial Aid Program insures that all students will be able to benefit from our program.

Where do the funds come from?
The Michael Nakasone Legacy Scholarship Fund in Honor of Youth Symphony II was established in 2010 thanks to a generous donation from Ms. Olivia De Jane. Financial aid awards draw from the Nakasone Legacy Fund, and other funds, in hopes that no student will be turned away.

What expenses do these funds cover?
The financial aid program will subsidize financially deserving students on a reimbursement basis in one or more of the following ways: 1.  Partial aid for private lessons: up to 15 lessons per semester up to $15 per lesson. 2.  Partial aid for registration fees: up to 50% per person. 3.  Partial aid for instrument rental fees: up to 50% per season (only for instruments rented from HYS). HYS is not able to offer financial assistance for its summer programs at this time.

On what factors are awards based?
Awards are based on financial need, not on the musical ability of the applicant.  Consideration is given to each student’s attitude and evidence of responsibility. Families receiving financial aid are asked to support HYS through non-financial means such as frequent volunteer service. The majority of recipients make the most of what the Financial Aid Program can offer, as reflected by teacher evaluations. Most take their instruction seriously, practice daily, and make rapid progress.  Out of hundreds of recipients, there have been only a few students in recent years whose subsidies have not continued because of poor preparation, tardiness and/or poor attitude.  In these cases, the amounts allocated were given to an alternate applicant.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?
First you must submit the appropriate REGISTRATION FORMS for the class you want to apply the aid to, by the due date on the Registration Forms. Then send a completed 2017-2018 FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION and return it to the office, with a copy of the first two pages of your 2016 Federal Income Tax Return (From 1040) by Saturday, September 1, 2017. Please note: If you are only paying 50% of your registration fee, the Financial Aid Application and Registration Forms must be sent together by the due date on the Registration Forms. Questions may be directed to HYS Finance Manager Carol Tsang ( or by calling the HYS office at 941-9706.